You're about to log in to Instagram from Desktop and learn how to post pictures or new postings.

First, your desktop browser doesn't have a menu on your Instagram to write new articles or upload photos. That's why it's not possible in the general way. In fact, Instagram has been tuned to the mobile app since the beginning, and most users also want to upload posts simply and conveniently using the app.

But there's a way... What's this way?

The method is very simple, but there is one way to use your browser's developer tool. Shortcut key F12 to open developer tools for Chrome browsers

In the upper left corner of the screen that appears when you press , there is a virtual device button that renders it to the device. Click this button to switch to a mobile or tablet and you'll see an upload button that you didn't want to see~! It's very nice, isn't it?

Why do I post Instagram on my desktop?It may vary from person to person, but my Instagram account often posts web-free content. The most effective way to do this is to use a PC for uploading to various channels and platforms at the same time, and to upload most of them via a browser.