How to get a hash value using Python. Find out how to get the value for SHA512.
# Obtain Python SHA-512 valueYou can use the hashlib module as an easy way to get a hash value from Python. For example, find out how to get a hash value using the phrase abcde as shown below.
import hashlib

myStr = 'abcde'
salt = '12345'
myHash = hashlib.sha512(str(myStr + salt).encode('utf-8')).hexdigest()

Simply put, first import the hashlib and then hashlib.hash with sha512() We used the salt value. We use it frequently when we hash, so it's okay to add it but not to use it. Also, the encode ('utf-8') was used because the value to be used for the hash must be encoded to prevent the type error from appearing.

hexdigest()  //  Returns digit as a hex string

This is where we briefly learned how to get the hash value of SHA-512.