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[git] Learn git command fsck

Last Modified : 14 Oct, 2023 / Created : 12 Oct, 2023
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We are going to learn about the fsck, one of the git commands.

What is the git fsck command?
Firstly, the git fsck command is used to verify the integrity of a Git repository. Here, "fsck" stands for file system check, and it is used to verify and validate the integrity of file systems not only in Git but also in many systems.

For example, if you run git fsck, Git will check the connectivity and validity of the objects in the database. A general description of how to use the command is as follows:

git fsck --Options

Initially, running git fsck without options will report all found corruptions. If you use the options below, it is used as follows:

  • --full // This option checks not only the connectivity of objects but also their validity.
  • --strict // This option activates all checks that can be activated using `--strict` and other options.
  • --no-dangling // This option omits objects that cannot be reached from reference tips from the set of objects to be checked.

Now let's create some examples below.

View examples using git fsck
Now, enter as follows to check the integrity of the Git repository.
$ git fsck

If you use the --full option as below, you will perform a more comprehensive check. As mentioned above, it checks for validity as well.
git fsck --full

What if corruption is found?
If corruption is detected during the actual git repository check, additional action may be needed to recover or repair the repository.

Generally, git fsck is used to verify this when there is suspicion of damage to the Git repository. This is not a command used in the regular Git workflow, but can be very important for recovery and maintenance in specific scenarios.

In addition, git fsck checks for internal database corruption, but does not check for inconsistencies or issues related to the working directory or index. To ensure regular maintenance and consistency of the working directory, other Git commands can be used.

You can check more information on the site below.

Official Git Documentation Site / Direct link to git-fsck page >

5-line summary about git fsck
The `git fsck` command verifies the connectivity and validity of objects in a Git repository, checking the integrity of the repository. Run git fsck to perform a basic check. Use git fsck --full for a more comprehensive check. It is mainly used for detecting corruption and is not used in everyday work flows. Refer to the official Git documentation for detailed usage and options.

We have learned about git fsck so far.
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