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What were the results when I asked ChatGPT about WEBISFREE branding and copy?

Last Modified : 26 Oct, 2023 / Created : 26 Oct, 2023
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I recently pondered whether we could strengthen the branding of the WEBISFREE website... For example, I wondered if the logos and copies in use were appropriate. Can ChatGPT also help with such concerns? Check out the results below!

As WEBISFREE is almost 10 years old now... a new branding is needed!
I was curious about how much AI could help resolve these concerns. So I wondered what kind of response ChatGPT could provide and how helpful it would be. Branding, rather than regular content generation or information search, seemed much more challenging and seemed to require deeper knowledge and understanding.

To get the branding answer I was curious about, I wanted to know what WEBISFREE currently deals with and in which direction it will move. So I asked as follows:

Asking ChatGPT a question about branding
The content of the question was:

I have many curiosities. So I am going to start a blog where I post about various knowledge from around the world. Can you create some branding copies to introduce this article? Just for reference, the name of my blog is WEBISFREE. I'll place them throughout the website.

I was curious about the response to this question. This was the first time asking such a question and I was very curious about the possible answers. I got the following response:

Of course! I'll suggest some branding copies suitable for the concept and name of your blog. Thinking around "WEBISFREE (Web is Free)":

"Meet the world at WEBISFREE."
"Liberation of knowledge, WEBISFREE."
"Endless curiosity begins at WEBISFREE."
"See the diverse world at a glance. WEBISFREE."
"With WEBISFREE, all knowledge is at your fingertips."
"Swim in the boundless sea of knowledge at WEBISFREE!"
"WEBISFREE solves your curiosity."
"Discover all the knowledge of the world at WEBISFREE."
"With WEBISFREE, the world is vast!"
"Journey to knowledge starts at WEBISFREE."
Using these copies throughout the website will surely strengthen the blog's branding. Depending on your desired style or tone, some tweaks might be necessary. I hope the WEBISFREE blog operates successfully! 😊

When I first saw it, I was able to get various copy phrases that I wanted. Most of the content also seemed highly relevant to WEBISFREE! Moreover, not just one but many copies could be obtained, making it seem that a few could be selected and modified for really helpful results. I realized that ChatGPT, like in the movies, can indeed assist in many ways. It's become a reality now.

Asking for more details
This time, I wanted to provide more information and see a different result. I informed that "web is free" means WEBISFREE and asked if it can be utilized in the copy.

WEBISFREE is an abbreviation for "web is free". Can you make a copy using this?

Again, I received the following response. Let's look at ChatGPT's answer:

Of course! Centering around the abbreviation "WEBISFREE (Web is Free)", I'll suggest branding copies:

"WEBISFREE: The web is free, so is knowledge."
"Web is Free, So is Knowledge. Start with WEBISFREE."
"When the web is free, knowledge is boundless. Experience it at WEBISFREE!"
"WEBISFREE: Freedom of the web, liberation of knowledge."
"Where everything is free, WEBISFREE."
"The web is free, what about knowledge? Explore with WEBISFREE!"
"Web is Free. Wisdom is Boundless. Welcome to WEBISFREE."
"Freedom of the web, spread of knowledge. That place is WEBISFREE!"
"WEBISFREE: Infinite possibilities of the web, boundless world of knowledge."
"Web is Free, Dive into Knowledge. Start with WEBISFREE."
Emphasizing the meaning of "Web is Free" and highlighting its relationship with knowledge, I've suggested these copies. Depending on your preferred style and message, you can further modify or combine them for use.

Once again, the result was outstanding. By further refining and specifying like this, I could save much more time and effort compared to brainstorming alone. Some phrases, like "Web is Free. Wisdom is Boundless. Welcome to WEBISFREE.", seemed appealing with a bit of tweaking.

In the future, when faced with similar concerns or when seeking answers, I'll surely turn to ChatGPT with another question.

In conclusion
Through utilizing ChatGPT, it seems a lot has changed. Even if I think I know the method, I've developed a habit of always asking ChatGPT or other AI for results before starting, wondering if there's a better way or if there's something I've overlooked. What are you curious about? If you're pondering something alone, I recommend utilizing ChatGPT just as I did like above.


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