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Why Can't I Use ChatGPT Beta Features? What's the Reason?

Last Modified : 15 Oct, 2023 / Created : 15 Oct, 2023
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Lately, many new features have been added to ChatGPT. Especially, there are many features included in the ChatGPT Beta version~ I, too, was curious about the availability of ChatGPT’s beta version and have been continuously using some of them.

"ChatGPT... Different features for each user?"

However, I realized that my ChatGPT Beta features and the features of acquaintances were different. While someone could use certain beta features, others could not. I was curious about what caused these disparities, and now I'm going to briefly find out the reasons. Below, I'll share a few main points regarding the differences in the usage of the beta version.

Reasons for Different Usages of ChatGPT Beta Features
The following reasons could immediately explain the differences in the availability of certain features. Let's look at them one by one.

Reasons Due to Geographical Usage Differences or Platform Differences
First, there are differences in features when using the ChatGPT app and using it on the web. The most significant part is likely the voice recognition feature. If you want to use voice or image input features, using the app is most effective. Currently, it is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

For reference, the Android version was initially available for download in the USA, India, Bangladesh, and Brazil. However, there were plans to expand it to more countries.

Differences According to Subscription Status
This could be the biggest part. As you know, there is currently a paid subscription called ChatGPT Plus, and subscribers get to choose specific models, have general access rights and faster response times, and most importantly, get priority access to new features. You can use the features faster by using ChatGPT Plus!

So, if you can’t use ChatGPT’s beta version soon, it seems to vary according to various reasons such as the user's location and subscription type, etc. I, too, have a strong desire to use the new beta version features first. It would be really great if there were ways to use these features sooner.

Brief Summary
1. The ChatGPT Android version was initially launched in a few countries, with plans to expand to additional countries.
2. ChatGPT Plus subscribers receive general access and priority access to new features.
3. Some new features vary by platform and subscription type.
4. The availability of the beta version varies by geographical location, subscription plan, and the platform being used.

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