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Daiso Cost-effective Mouse Review

Last Modified : 25 Oct, 2023 / Created : 26 Oct, 2023
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I recently realized I didn’t have a mouse to connect to my laptop, so I bought a cost-effective mouse from Daiso. Below is a review after using the Daiso mouse.

Best Value! Daiso Mouse
I knew they sold mice, but I wasn't sure about the exact price. When I checked, two things were surprising. The details were:

1. The price is affordable.
2. There's a variety of mouse types.

It's Daiso, so of course, the prices are expected to be low. But what was more surprising was the wide variety of mice available. There were more options than I thought, and I discovered they even sell gaming mice. You can purchase a satisfactory mouse from Daiso even without going to a computer store or shopping online!

(Photo) Picture of the Daiso mouse taken right after purchase.

Which mouse should I buy?
I looked up the basic information, and with so many types available, I had to choose one that fit my purpose. Since I needed it for my laptop, portability was my top concern. I considered the following:

  • Should be as light as possible.
  • Should be small for easy portability.
  • Should be wireless.

My main goal was to use it with my laptop, so it needed to be portable. In other words, light and not too big. I thought it would be great if it could fit in my sling bag along with my laptop.

"A light and compact mouse for laptop use!"

Appearance after buying the Daiso mouse
Below is a picture taken after buying the Daiso mouse. As you can see, its design is very simple and clean. I wanted a mouse that wasn't too flashy and was quite satisfied with what I got. Also, I was looking for a mouse without a tangling wire, and this one could be used wirelessly via USB.

(Photo) Image of the mouse after connecting it to the laptop.

Were there any regrets after purchase?

There were some regrets after buying it. The first one was the grip. The small size seemed to be the reason, and since I have big hands, I felt I emphasized portability too much. I had moments of thinking I should've chosen a slightly bigger one. Another point was, even though it’s related to the price, I thought it would be more convenient if it used Bluetooth instead of a USB connection. While USB might be better for PC use, I was only planning to use it with my laptop, so this was a bit of a letdown.

In conclusion
In the end, it was worth the value, and I feel like "I made a good purchase". The price was reasonable, and there was a variety to choose from.

That concludes my Daiso mouse purchase review. Apart from the mouse, you can buy various computer accessories at an affordable price at Daiso, which is very convenient. Nowadays, there's a Daiso nearby, so it's a good option when you need something urgently! That was my Daiso purchase review.
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