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Starting from October 4th, LG Electronics' world-first foldable laptop, `LG Gram Fold`, is available for limited purchase.

Last Modified : 04 Oct, 2023 / Created : 04 Oct, 2023
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Hello, I am Tech Blogger WebIsFree! Today, I bring you news of LG Electronics' new product in the Gram series, the LG Gram Fold.

This product, the first foldable laptop from a Korean brand, is available for limited purchase starting today, October 4th, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Gram laptop series. Now it seems like it's not just the era of foldable phones but also foldable laptops. LG Gram Fold features ultralight and large screen characteristics. It offers freedom to easily fold and unfold the screen for users who need a larger display.

World's first foldable laptop by LG Electronics (Image source: LG)

Taking a look at the product's features, it utilizes a thin and easily bendable OLED, eliminating the need for a backlight. When unfolded, the thickest part of the laptop is 9.4mm. Users can enjoy a 17-inch screen when fully unfolded, and a 12-inch screen when folded, offering portability and a large screen at the same time. The foldable laptop also enhances the UI/UX and connectivity when folded and unfolded, providing various user experiences.

The Gram Fold can also be used as a monitor when stood upright and is ideal for multitasking with split-screen functions. Surprisingly, the Gram Fold is equipped with a high-resolution 17-inch QXGA+ OLED touchscreen display, delivering outstanding video and color representation.

! Outstanding Performance and Proven Durability

The device also boasts excellent performance. It comes with Intel's latest 13th-generation processor and the latest low-power memory, and supports optimal sound with three stereo speakers and Dolby Atmos technology. Considering all these features, this device is not only lightweight and highly portable but also proven to be durable.

As mentioned earlier, the LG Gram Fold starts selling today, October 4th, through LG Electronics’ online brand shop, with special benefits and gifts offered to the first 200 customers. Please refer to the link below for purchase-related information.

Direct link to LG Electronics official store >

! Summary List

- LG Electronics launches ‘LG Gram Fold’: Korea’s first foldable laptop
- Ultralight, large screen, and OLED display without backlight
- Equipped with the latest Intel processor and supports Dolby Atmos technology
- Offers various user experiences through screen folding and unfolding
- Special benefits and gifts for early purchasers
- Pre-order available starting today
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