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Naver AI Chatbot Service CLOVA X Unveiled

Last Modified : 02 Oct, 2023 / Created : 25 Aug, 2023
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Naver has unveiled CLOVA X, its closely guarded Korean chatbot service. The beta service started just yesterday, on August 24, 2023. Let’s take a brief look at CLOVA X.

# What is NAVER’s CLOVA X?

Naver CLOVA X is an AI search service in the form of a chatbot, similar to ChatGPT and Google’s Bard. The difference is that it offers a somewhat unique service, specialized for the Korean language.

  • AI chatbot developed by Naver
  • Built on a large language model (LLM) specialized in Korean
  • Offers specialized services like Discovery and skills
  • Currently in beta with experimental service available

CLOVA X has the above features and is currently in beta, with limited hours and question capacity. Presently, you can input only 30 conversations within 3 hours. However, this is subject to change depending on the service operation, so more conversations might be possible later.

As mentioned earlier, there is a skill system and a discovery feature. Let’s take a quick look.

! Skills System of Naver Clova X

This allows users to select a specific topic, providing more and up-to-date information about the selected skill. It also displays related product information during searches. Currently, there are only two skills available: Naver Shopping and Naver Travel, but more are expected to be added. Considering that only product-related skills have been unveiled, it seems like it might primarily feature Naver's own or affiliated products.

! Discovery Feature Available

Next, there’s a discovery feature. Think of this as a memo function that allows you to save content you want to keep. This way, you can save information you want to view again later. It's a handy feature, allowing you to save up to 50 pieces of important or interesting information.

# Conversing with CLOVA X

We had a simple conversation with CLOVA X about the relatively simple topic of 'javascript setTimeout function'. The result is in the screenshot below.

CLOVA X’s response

As you can see, CLOVA X has features similar to ChatGPT, like showing code and offering a copy function. The text is generated in a typing fashion, and although the responses felt a bit short, it answered questions well. We also asked questions in English, and CLOVA X kindly provided answers in English upon request, though the default language setting is Korean.

! Additional Information

To use CLOVA X, you need to sign up for Naver membership under separate conditions: you must be over 19, use your real name, and sign up as an individual. CLOVA X is currently offered as a service separate from the existing Naver search, and it's unclear whether it will continue to be operated separately or be integrated into Naver search in the future. It’s great to see a Korean chatbot service specialized for the Korean language and Korean style. With chatbot searches becoming a hot topic and user numbers increasing, we hope that NAVER CLOVA X continues to improve and sustain its operations.
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