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How to Remove the \r Indicator Following Some File Names in the Folder Created When Using Dump in a MongoDB Linux Environment

Last Modified : 14 Oct, 2023 / Created : 14 Oct, 2023
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While using the MongoDB database, I utilized the mongodump command for backup. However, I could confirm that \r, which indicates a space, was automatically added after the path or file name. The problem is not only that spaces are expressed differently in Windows, but the biggest issue was that two paths were displayed together like below during git configuration management.

@ Identical paths but unnecessarily two are created:


Now, let's find out how to resolve this so that only myDumpPath can be used.

Deleting \r at the End of Linux Paths and File Names
To solve this, several solutions exist, as detailed below. Let's explore them one by one.

1. Using the tr Command
This method involves using the tr command alongside the command to dump the MongoDB database. In this case, it will remove characters like \r from the ends of files or path names when executed. I resolved the issue using this method.
mongodump [your-options-here] | tr -d '\r'

2. Using the sed Command
This method operates similarly to the previous one and removes \r.
mongodump [your-options-here] | sed 's/\r//g'

3. Using dos2unix
To address such issues, libraries like `dos2unix` can also be utilized. Once this library is installed and the corresponding command is run, it will convert to the Linux style, resolving the aforementioned issue.
sudo apt-get install dos2unix;

dos2unix myFilename

This method is also quite convenient. Upon execution, just like the methods above, the \r notation appended after myFilename can be easily removed.

So far, we have explored how to remove the \r appended after files when using the mongodump command.

In Conclusion

Why does the above issue occur? If the operating system changes... for instance, if Windows and Linux systems are being used together, similar issues can occur since Linux doesn’t use the \r\n method to mark the end of lines like Windows does.
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