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ChatGPT Image Upload Feature Review

Last Modified : 12 Oct, 2023 / Created : 12 Oct, 2023
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Not long ago, ChatGPT brought us some exciting news. It now has the capability to see, hear, and speak. If previously using plugins or going through unnecessary steps was needed, it seems like that's no longer the case. Related articles can be found on the ChatGPT website below.

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Below is a review of ChatGPT using images.

A User Guide for ChatGPT's Image Upload Feature

The following process will be covered:

1. Uploading a specific image
2. Asking what the image is about
3. Requesting a simple poem be created based on the image
4. Requesting creation with another image

Let's get started with uploading an image right away.

(Screenshot) Screen enabling image attachment

1. Uploading a Specific Image

I tried uploading an image that was previously generated through DALL-E 3.

For reference, an article about image generation can be found below:

Now, let's make some requests using the image. Firstly, it would be best to ask it to describe the image.

2. Asking About the Image and Requesting a Poem of Under 200 Words

I requested a description of what the image portrays and a short poem to accompany it. The results were as follows:

Upon translating the response, the following was achieved~
The image describes a lively bird, seemingly in mid-flight against a backdrop of a fluffy white cloud and a bright blue sky. The bird is colored in blue and orange, its wings spread out, showcasing a spectrum of feather hues. Its beak is open, possibly as if singing or calling.

Poetic Description:
Sky-colored wings spread wide and free,
Soaring with joy against the canvas of the sky.
Bright feathers dance, embracing the sunlight,
A symphony of nature unfolds in the endless open space.

It also tells you where it is, what color it is, and what it is doing in a certain way. It’s amazing that ChatGPT can easily produce this level of result. It's incredibly convenient!

Screenshot of the actual result

3. Requesting Generation with Another Image

I asked if it was possible to create another image based on the existing one. The request was to create an image where it is not flying alone but together.

Q) Can you regenerate this image to another? Something like flying together?

Disappointingly, image regeneration was not yet possible. When asked if DALL-E 3 could be used, I received a response indicating direct integration for use is not available. Though it’s a pity, I believe this will also be integrated into ChatGPT soon. Please refer to the screenshot below for related information.

In Conclusion

We have explored the newly added image upload feature in ChatGPT thus far. It's a truly astonishing advancement. I'm very curious to see what and how functionalities will change in the future, and we will delve deeper into it when the time comes!


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